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The studio strives to research and develop the right resources for teachers (or private tutors) and administrators looking to bring a fresh approach to learning and teaching.


We are always looking to partner with schools and librarians to try out our products and services to improve educational outcomes and engagement.


If you are a parent looking for quality resources to enhance your child’s learning experience, feel free to place an order. If you have any creative ideas regarding children’s books, we would love to collaborate!


We want our products to be accessible to people near and far, so if you are a bookstore owner, please get in touch to discuss how we may work together to promote our current work and plan upcoming releases.


Talking up

Talking Up is a series aiming to inspire and encourage emotional development. Each illustrated short story tackles issues like bullying and discrimination, encouraging parents and children to embrace differences in a world that are growing flattered by the day.

The series also offers lesson plans and materials that help teachers use the storybooks in a classroom setting or as homework reading with parental involvement.

the beaver and the platypus
Journey to the ZodiacTM

A bespoke series of children’s books based on the chinese zodiac signs. Every child is born with their own chinese zodiac. To find out what animal you are blessed with traits of, you must complete the magical journey through forest, rivers and mountains.

These personalized stories are created customised to the reader with their name, birth and gender corresponding to a unique zodiac book.

Good Hacker Bad Hacker

A picture book for young children on the topic of cyber-ethics. Our world and the technology we use are constantly changing.. Cybercrime continues to rise and yet we do not seem to be having a conversation with the future generations about this. This book is the start of that conversation.

good hacker bad hacker
mendela's african fables

Mandela’s African Fables

Ndaba Mandela shares the stories that shaped his life with readers through an illustrated adaptation of African Fables. You can walk into any book shop today and pick up a copy of Aesop’s fables and yet African wisdom remains elusive. This is even more acute in schools and with primary students, the world over. This book is a small step to remedy this and ensure that we have a generation that is familiar with African wisdom.

Who Is This For?

Talking Up

Ages 3-7

Journey to the Zodiac

Ages 3-7

Good Hacker Bad Hacker

Ages 5-11

Mandela’s African Fables

Ages 5-11

We also publish for secondary school market. To learn more about our titles, click on the link below.