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Supported by teacher’s materials and test questions, these books are the ideal classroom companion as well as useful tools for home study. Compiled under the guidance of our expert in-house secondary school teachers, the graphic novels are accompanied by a booklet on how they can be used in the classroom.


We are always looking to partner with schools and libraries to try out our products and services to improve educational outcomes and engagement.


If you are a parent looking for quality resources to enhance your child’s learning experience at home, these graphic novels are a great way to transform what children may find boring into riveting narratives relating abstract concepts to real-world contexts. If you have any creative ideas on creating great learning content for kids, feel free to get in touch.


We want our products to be accessible to people near and far, so if you are a bookstore owner, please get in touch to discuss how we may work together to showcase our current work and plan upcoming releases.


Make History

A series of curriculum relevant graphic novels that trace important historical milestones through captivating imagery and clear factual accounts. Make History is available both in a set of print books and an online product.

The series also offers a set of material that helps teachers correctly assign and use the graphic novels in a way that will benefit students studying the course. Resources such as long and short questions etc are all reviewed by experts in the field.

the beaver and the platypus
mendela's african fables

Real Economics

Real Economics is an innovative new tool to support the teaching of Economics. Using both real-life and fictionalized case studies, Real Economics allows the reader to fully experience the concepts taught in textbooks. Using original artwork and edited by a teaching resource, the novels stay true to not only delivering learning objectives but also allowing readers to immerse themselves in the economic events of the world.

Who Is This For?

Make History

Ages 9-12

Real Economics

Ages 9-12

We also publish for the primary school market. To learn more about our titles, click on the link below.