Two Brothers and a Shoe Paperback



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From the Inside Cover: Adidas and Puma are two giants of the sportswear industry. They are ubiquitous global brands that have been engaged in fierce competition for over 70 years. What is less well known is that the companies were founded only a few miles apart in the small German town of Herzogenaurach by two brothers who would become embroiled in one of the longest and most bitter feuds in business history. This story is a fictionalised account of the founding of the two companies and how their innovations came to dominate the sports apparel business. The reader is taken on a journey through the history of the brands and a few key competitors to better understand how branding was used to differentiate a commoditised product. The dawn of a golden age of sports apparel saw the engineering of price and the extension of these brands across different categories and regions. Combining experimentation and innovation in design with high-profile endorsements by celebrities and sports figures, these companies re-defined how businesses engage with consumers. The age of influencer marketing and technology-enabled wearables often thought to be a product of the new millennium, were in fact pioneered by these visionary businesses. This graphic novel is a part of the Real Economics Series, a collection of educational books introducing an innovative and visually-led approach for readers to understand business and economics through an engaging narrative.

The story helps the reader to better understand:

– How large businesses compete, both through price and non-price competition

– The role of competition in spurring innovation – The importance of marketing and branding in consumer-facing businesses


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